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Things you can do to update your website during lockdown...

As we are in lockdown with may businesses and industries still on pause, we thought we would provide you with a checklist of things you can do to get your website up to date ready for when business is open again. 

Website Checklist:

1. Imagery:

Utilise this time to update the images on your website. Have you got images that are years old or are stock images that you purchase? Yes? Remove them! Find recent high quality images that you can use that best display and showcase your business. 

Worst case, use this time to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your products and services so that you can update your website content. 

2. Website copy:

Is your website copy up to date? When was the last time you published a blog post? 

Utilise this time to go through every page on your website and make sure that all your copy is up to date. If it has been a while since you wrote a blog post, create a few and schedule them to go out over the next couple of months. This way you will have up to date content continuously being published meaning that when your business is back open you don’t have to worry about updating your site. 

3. Links: 

Check that all your links work! Spend time going through your website to double check that all your links work. This is especially important for any external links. Make sure they are still relevant and actually lead to a trustworthy and valuable sites. 

4. Website speed:

Check your website speed. Is it taking a while for a page to load? This could be due to unclean code, unoptimised images/ videos or too much flash content. If your website is taking a while to load then search engines will penalise this as it provides a bad user experience.

5. Forms:

Do you have contact us/ booking forms on your website? Yes? Then make sure they still work. Test that the forms actually collect the data you want and are sent to the correct place. If these forms do not work then you could be missing out on loads of customer website leads. 

Need help updating any of the above? Well our team at Areca Design can help you! Simply contact us with your questions.

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