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Sky-high Success with Wild Roofing Solutions

Areca Design’s recent collaboration with London-based roofing company is flourishing. With the creation of brand identity, website launch and innovative Augmented Reality (AR), Wild About Roofs have already begun to securely plant their business within the marketplace. The next-generation roofing company required an innovative brand image to generate recognition and establish themselves as a professional, diverse roofing company.

Part of the solution was to design an aesthetically pleasing business logo, which would be utilized throughout all business activities. The logo, seen below, is also a trigger that uses the latest mobile-device innovations. Anyone with a mobile smart phone or tablet can use our free App to see a 3D animation of Wild About Roofs, roof gardens, lavender roofs with Bee Hives and living walls.



Areca Design have also designed a creative website to showcase the business, providing the benefits of installing green roofing systems, such as Lavender Roofs, Roof Gardens, Bio-diverse Roofs, Fall Arrest and Living Walls. 


The two businesses are now looking forward to raising the roof with the upcoming official launch for Wild About Roofs. The event, #WildAR will be taking place at The Roof Gardens, Kensington in Central London and is beginning to generate a great deal of interest through social media.

#WildAR is to take place in March 2014, with the attendance of several leading architects, interested large businesses, suppliers and environmental enthusiasts already confirmed.

For information on this extraordinary event and how you can attend, please contact Wild About Roofs on 0208 577 3812, e-mail or visit:

More about The Roof Gardens, Kensington can be found here:


If you are looking for ways to position your brand within the marketplace, Areca Design can support you with effective Marketing Campaigns and Strategies. To find out more, please contact the team on: 01386 570360 or e-mail:

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