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On the plus-side of Google+

If you are a newbie the world of Google+, it may be hard to pinpoint the immediate advantages that this social platform may have for your business. When it was first introduced into the digital world in 2011, there was a great deal of skepticism regarding the need for another social networking platform, when we already have a very busy field of such entities, including Facebook and Twitter…

However, two years later, and Google+ has renowned itself as the second-largest social platform in the world! Many businesses are now looking to embrace Google+ and utilize the many additional features that it has to offer ­– for both personal and business use.

Google+ encompasses many different features, taking the current social networks one step further. For example, it is possible to ‘Follow’ other users, segment ‘Circles’ of your various online networks, join in ‘Communities’ of diverse discussions and much more!

One of the main reasons businesses, in particular, are looking to expand online using Google+, is the influence that is has over your SEO and Google search rankings.

For a more detailed overview of the various features of Google+, and the benefits it may have on your company, please take a look at our new free Google+ Factsheet here.

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