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Let the Christmas Advertising Begin...

The Power of Festive Advertising – Some of the Best Christmas TV Adverts 2015

The battle for the best Christmas Advert on TV gets more and more heated every year. The seasonal screenings have become a big deal for retailers and can now make or break the business year. Whether it's the big, red recognisable truck that gives us a gentle reminder that 'holidays are coming' or a tear-jerking gift delivery to the 'man on the moon', that really gets us into the Christmas spirit...

And it would seem that the festive advertising phenomenon is much more than purely promoting a brand and their products over the busy period. In the last few years, retailers have become less interested in simply shifting their products and more focused on competing in the televised Christmas ad campaigns. It's all about who can stir up the most emotion amongst the viewers – whether it's tugging at your heartstrings or raising a smile, and this year retailers have gone all out to generate real emotional loyalty. Even more so in an environment where the Internet and digital advancements are creating ease of buying and quick switching from brand to brand.  

With all the big name adverts now airing on TV, plus a number of new contenders aiming for the top Xmas spot, retailers want to create a significant difference with their campaigns over Christmas. For many, if not all, this will be most important time of the year (or, 'the most wonderful time of the year'...)


Coca-Cola – Holidays are coming!

For many of us, the twinkling Coca-Cola Truck is a critical part of Christmas and the lead-up to it! The familiar sight of the glistening red truck travelling across a white, snowy landscape is the exciting indication that holidays really are coming. Having become a Christmas icon since they were first launched on TV screens in 1995, the trucks, featuring Santa Claus himself, continue to create that magical Christmas feel. You can now get even closer to the magic by visiting them on Coca-Cola's annual Christmas Truck Tour, all over the UK. View it Here...

Coca Cola Christmas Advert

John Lewis – Man on The Moon

The Christmas adverts from John Lewis have become a true festive tradition during recent years. This year, the upmarket department chain have partnered up with Age UK, in an aim to encourage consumers to consider those who will be alone this year. The whimsical two-minute advert features a young girl who spends much of her time looking through a telescope (one that is, of course, available to purchase from John Lewis). After failed attempts of trying to contact an old man she spots living alone on the moon, on Christmas Day, we see a parcel delivery attached to helium balloons landing at the feet of the man. A present from the young girl – a telescope, which he then uses to spot her back on earth... cue a tear of joy.

Limitations in the laws of astrophysics put aside, the advert is beautifully-shot and touching. John Lewis appear to have perfected their winning campaign formula in recent years, keeping viewers wondering what they can pull out of the bag next. Their strategy? – Casting cute children, no speech, a plot that revolves around giving rather than receiving and commissioning an up-and-coming singer to cover a well-known pop track.

John Lewis Christmas Advertising

Rachel Swift, Head of Brand Marketing at John Lewis stated, "It's about storytelling through music and emotion. The sentiment behind that hasn't changed – and that is quite intentional". Watch the Advert here...


Sainsbury's – Mog's Christmas Calamity

Last year, the bar was set extremely high with Sainsbury's three-minute touching take on Christmas Day in 1914. It featured a heart-warming account of the British and German troops during First World War, who laid down their arms and came together on neutral grounds to share greetings, treats and a friendly game of football.

This year, Sainsbury's have gone for a very different approach, to promote a similar idea of sharing simple moments with loved ones. Working with children's book author, Judith Kerr, Sainsbury's developed a new story, based on a beloved icon in children's literature - Mog the Cat. The story became a three-and-a-half minute long advert combining live action as well as animation, whereby Mog sets off a chain of unfortunate events, almost completely ruining Christmas Day for the Thomas family. Partnering up with Save the Children, the retail giant produce a magical story that would not only support an important cause, but also focus on bringing viewers together and putting a smile on their faces.
Mark Given, Director of Planning and Propositions at Sainsbury's claimed, "More than any other time of year, the Christmas season is when people come together with family and friends to share simple moments and kindnesses". Watch Mog's Christmas Calamity Here...

Sainsbury's Xmas Advert 2015

Asda – Because it's Christmas

This year, Asda are fully embracing the phrase that many of us will utter over the coming weeks! The fun-packed, sing-along Christmas Advert incorporates everything we know and love about Christmas time. It has just about everything to get everyone in the festive mood, from extravagant house decorations, cosy classic film nights, dancing Santa Clause, snow, snogs and ice skating snow men. The 60-second ad featuring the up-beat song by 2014 X Factory Finalist, Fleur East, has been followed with a series of five-second 'blipverts' across TV channels as a subtle, seasonal reminder.

With the lead-up to Christmas being just as exciting as the special day itself, Asda focus on the extreme efforts that people go to fully enjoy this time of year. The chain's Chief Customer Officer, Barry Williams said, "Christmas is a time you can really go for it". He continued "I know it's not just my family who feels this way, our customers have been saying they act exactly the same at this time of year, so we're celebrating that spirit throughout our Christmas campaign". See it Here...

Asda Christmas TV Advert

The Importance of Christmas Advertising

There is undoubtedly a great deal of pressure for retailers during the important Christmas period. Companies endeavour to create catchy, likable campaigns that engage and resonate with their audience. With the main aim of creating loyalty with their customers and building a brand personality that people actually want to shop with – no pressure! Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Burberry, PayPal and Littlewoods are a few more of the big-name brands competing for the top spot this year.

If you are looking for a way to promote you business in the lead-up to Christmas, we can help support you with a range of marketing materials based on your bespoke requirements. From Seasonal Graphic Design, Printed Greetings Cards and Festive Digital Newsletters. For further information on how we can help support your business, communicate with your audience and generate a positive brand personality, please contact our team today at: or call: 01386 570360.

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