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Importance of an E-commerce Website

Have you had to close your shop again as the UK plunges into another Lockdown?

COVID 19 has certainly highlighted to us all the importance of digital, from the video calls to stay connected to our families to online shopping. 

E-commerce websites have grown dramatically over the past year as you can imagine. Here are our top 5 reasons why e-commerce websites are as important now more than ever. 

1. Helps to reduce costs:

Now a days, you don’t have to have a physical space to sell your products. Actually, selling online will help to reduce your overhead costs dramatically. For example, you can save on costs such as rent, electricity, water and other key bills. This will help to increase your business profits as costs reduce. 

2. Ship Global:

The beauty of having an E-commerce website is that you can sell your products to a global audience! With a physical store you are limited to a geographical area. However, online you can reach a massive audience with no limits on who you can connect with. 

3. Better marketing opportunities with E-commerce:

Selling online offers a massive opportunity with regards to marketing your business and online store. Marketing tools such as social media, email marketing, search engine marketing and pay per click advertising can help you generate a massive footfall to your site. Again, reaching a much larger audience compared to a physical store. 

4. Open 24/7:

Compared to a physical shop, online you can be open 24/7. This means that you can actually generate income while you sleep! Opening 24/7 means that you are available for the customer whenever they are ready to purchase but also means you will save costs on staffing the business during its opening hours as an e-commerce website will run itself. 

5. Ultimately increase sales:

Really, to conclude all the above points into one main point is that an e-commerce website will help you to increase sales. Everything mentioned above will help to reduce your costs and expose you to a much larger audience with much more opportunity. 

Are you looking to sell your products online? Well, we can help you create your dream online e-commerce website. Please contact us today by emailing or by giving us a call on 01386 570360.

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