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Importance of Google My Business during Lockdown

Does your organisation have a Google My Business account? Not sure what it is?

Well, do not worry! We have all the answers for you here…

Google My Business is a FREE marketing tool that enables your business profile to be listed across Google Search and Maps. 

The tool enables you to connect with customers across Google, understanding how they interact with your brand. 

So what are the benefits to having a Google My Business Account? 

1.It’s FREE.

As mentioned above, Google My Business is a free tool for businesses to use. It helps to promote your organisation across the search engine, enabling you to reach a huge audience. 

2. Aimed at local businesses.

Google My Business is aimed at helping small to medium sized organisations establish their mark on Google Maps. This is especially useful when people in a local area are searching for things such as ‘restaurants near me’. If you have a Google My Business account, it will pull up your website and inform the individual on how close your restaurant is to them, ultimately promoting your business to the customer. 

3. Better search visibility. 

Having an account will improve your websites search visibility, ultimately improving the sites search engine optimisation (SEO). Over time, as people search for keywords that link to your business, for example ‘Hairdressers Evesham’, having an account will help to pull up your website. The more this happens and the more people click onto your website, the higher you will start to show in the search engine rankings. 

4. Better knowledge of your audience.

Google My Business will also provide you with free insights on your customers. These insights will help you to understand your customers actions more, for example are they clicking onto your website or picking up the phone? This will then help you tailor your communication efforts hopefully leading to a higher future lead generation. 

So why is Google My Business so important during Lockdown? 

Well, additionally to the above, the tool is also a fantastic communication tool that you can utilise to quickly inform your customers about any changes. 

For example, if your business shop or unit has had to shut because of the lockdown, you can list your organisation as temporary closed. This will avoid people trying to visit your unit whilst you are not operating. 

You can also change your open hours quickly. So for example if your business premises is operating on reduced hours during the lockdown, you can again inform customers of this through Google My Business. 

Communicating to your customers is certainly key to establish and remain positive relationships. 

If you need any support with creating a Google my Business account, or advice on SEO, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call to talk about your requirements on 01386 570360 or Enquire on our website at

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