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How to use Google Analytics to measure website success...

Google analytics is a fantastic website tracking and reporting tool that will help you analysis your website success, ROI and audience. The tool has a huge amount of reporting features that you can dive into but here are our top must use:


Audience Reports

Get to understand your website users through the audience overview data. In this overview, you can explore user demographics, geo- location, interests and browsing behaviours. Analysing this data will help you to get to know your audience and ultimately adapt your website to best suit their needs leading to an improved user experience.


Behaviour flow

Track the exact moves your users make on your site through the behaviour flow data. This diagram shows you the sessions per page, drop offs per page and click throughs to another page. Looking at this data, if you see a huge amount of drop offs on a particular page ask yourself why? Is the content poor? Does the page take a while to load? Have you got any call to actions on the page? 

Work out why, change it, then track the results to see if the drop offs decrease. 







Website Traffic

Find out where your users are coming from. Do they visit from a direct Google search, social media post or another website? For example, if a large percentage of your users are visiting direct from Facebook then put more of your marketing energy into promoting your website on Facebook, this is obviously where your audience are. 


Need help setting up Google Analytics tracking on your website? Do not stress, we can help! Contact us today.

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