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How Sweet Is Your Marketing?

Ideas For Marketing Your Business Efficiently During Halloween

Halloween is just around the dark, dismal corner and immediately you probably think of pumpkins, skeletons, witches and the favourite seasonal tradition, trick-or-treating. But, Halloween is no longer simply a time for the kids – autumnal activities such as pumpkin carving, Halloween shopping and scary treats open the door to unlimited opportunities for businesses to take advantage of the seasonal festivities.

While the lead-up to Halloween will expose you to many a eerie email, pumpkin-themed picture and witchery across social media accounts, every year companies aim to come up with new, creative ways to make themselves stand out from the competition. It is a well-known fact that almost every company can scare up some new business during the annual eerie celebrations, but how can effective marketing help accomplish this?

Halloween Treats

The most important aspects to consider for your Halloween Marketing tricks must:

  • Be Unique

Halloween is truly unique – it is not a traditional gift-giving annual event, similarly to Christmas. There is no set of rules to follow, although many will stick to the theme of being a little spooky. There is no harm in creating a terrifying campaign with skulls, ghosts and pumpkins, but this will be a very common theme for most businesses. Remember the real aim of your campaign; whether this is to accomplish more sales, generate leads or encourage repeat buying behaviour. Try to introduce something that is really unique and memorable, whilst relating to the current seasonal activities.

  • Add True Value

If you have done your research and know your consumers, it will be much easier to provide something of value through your campaign. If you are offering incentives, discounted services, free advice, bundles etc., make sure it is something worth the customer’s time. Providing something that is memorable, valuable and appreciated will add a great deal of credibility to your company and should encourage a return visit.


If you are stuck on where to begin with your Seasonal Marketing tactics, why not take a look through the following 10 Halloween-themed ideas and combine a few tactics bespoke for your business:

1. Halloween-themed offers – Voucher codes/ Discount Flyers/ Posters

2. Distribute a Newsletter – Promote special offers / Segment your audience to target specific sectors

3. Utilise online content – Create a Blog Post/ Take over your website with spooky slogans (take a look at our Team Page)

4. Take to Social Media – share Blog Posts across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc./ Communicate with customers/ Introduce unique campaign images/ Create a Social Media Competition to encourage user-generated content

4. Internal Costume Contest – Employee Halloween costumes/ Raise money for charity when dressing up/ online competitions such as Dress The CEO etc. interesting and amusing competitions can create great PR!

If you require further assistance with your Seasonal Marketing, please contact our team today on: 01386 570360 or email us at We can help to design and create innovatve marketing materials, to get your business noticed, for online and offline campaigns.

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