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Areca Design features on BBC Local News at Festival of Innovation

With a passion for creative innovation, Areca Design recently exhibited at the Annual Malvern Festival of Innovation, on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th November at the Malvern Theatre. The event proved a great success, allowing guests to network with exhibitors, entrepreneurs, technology experts and potential collaborators, visit dedicated presentations and become inspired by pioneering ideas.

Featuring on the BBC Midlands today on Thursday 7th November, Mick Hurst, founder of Areca Design, demonstrated how attention-grabbing Mobile Augmented Realty (AR) can introduce a unique solution for businesses to communicate with customers – bringing the physical and virtual worlds together. Utilising the latest in mobile-device visual recognition technology, the Mobile AR App allows users of a smart-device (Apple or Android) to scan a pre-determined trigger point and bring it to life!

Mick commented, “Today, with ever-advancing technology, more and more businesses are recognizing the importance of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving to stimulate success. It is crucial to generate fresh and original ideas to sustain a competitive position in the marketplace.”

The potential for Mobile AR is endless, and gained much attention from visitors and fellow exhibitors at the Festival. Please see the video below to view Areca Design being featured on BBC Midlands Today.

For more information on how Mobile AR can help you communicate with your customers and bring an extra level of interest and value to your organization, please contact us on: 01386 570360, or email us at:

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