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5 reasons your business should jump on TikTok

In the social media world, 2020 was the year of TikTok. Mass adoption of the new platform saw the app shoot to success, in particular with the younger generation.

But is it just kids dancing and lip syncing or can it actually benefit your business? 

Well, here’s 5 ways the app can…

1.It’s growing!

Here are a few stats that you can not ignore as a business owner:

  • It has 500 million active users globally
  • On average, 1 million videos are viewed on TikTok daily
  • It was the most downloaded app on the AppStore in 2019
  • 90% of TikTok user access the app more than once a day

2. Easy way to reach a large audience.

Unfortunately, with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they are now trying to profit from ads making organic reach rather difficult. However, TikTok is still new and growing meaning that the app pushes your content to as many accounts as possible. This means that from one piece of content, you could reach thousands of people which would likely cost you through ads on the other social media channels. 

3. Marketing doesn’t look like marketing.

Businesses currently utilising TikTok are being very clever. People don’t want to see ‘ads’ anymore. However, on TikTok you can create a short video showcasing your business without making it look like an ad. For example, you can do behind the scenes, product videos, team videos or even jump on fun trends. 

4. It doesn’t take hours to generate content.

The point in TikTok is short, sharp and snappy. The content doesn’t even need to be high quality meaning that you can create a video in seconds, edit and upload it. There is even a 100 character word limit meaning that you don’t need to spend hours creating a caption to support your post. 

This is a great way of creating and publishing content as a busy business owner. 

5. The largest age group in the UK is aged 18-24.

Now you may read this and think, well my target audience isn’t individuals aged 18-24 and if that is the case then TikTok may not be right for your business. 

However, it is still a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and exposure. If you create trending and entertaining TikTok’s people will watch them. So for example, if a parent or grandparent mentions to their 18-24 year old ‘I am looking for a mortgage advisor’ and they have seen you on TikTok creating entertaining videos about mortgages they will 100% mention your business as a recommendation. See how this could snowball?

Think you want to try TikTok for your business but nervous about approaching the platform? Well we can help! Contact us today. 

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