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2021 Website Trends

Happy New Year! 2021 is finally here… so let's check out what the website industry is saying about fashionable trends that will appear in 2021. 

From research, here are 3 trends that we could see in website design in 2021:

1. Scrolling feature.

User engagement on your website is always important. So one way to increase user engagement and interaction on your website in 2021 is to implement the scroll feature. Scrolling is a subtle form of interaction but website designers are ramping this up to make each scroll feel like a new page. This can be done through full colour scheme changes or animations of text and graphics. 

Check out this website as an example of the scroll feature.

2. Three dimension colours.

Gradient colour schemes on websites have been growing in popularity for a few years, however this year web design could go a step further with three dimension colours. Similar to Apple’s designs, three dimensional colours make it feel as though you can pick the icons straight out of the screen. This is done through fine shading and rounded edges of your on screen icons. 

3. Easy on the eye colour schemes. 

Due to the digital shift in 2020 with more people spending time online, we now need websites with easy to digest colour schemes. To avoid user eye strain, web designers need to find the balance between light and dark. Soft colour palettes such as pastel greens and light browns are more calming and easier to visually view. This will help us to view more content with comfort. 

Well, keep your eye out for these trends in 2021 and let’s see how popular they become!

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