About University of Gloucestershire

The University of Gloucestershire is a public university based in Gloucestershire, England. It is located over three campuses, two in Cheltenham and one in Gloucester. The university is the recent successor of a large number of merged, name-changed and reformed institutions of further and higher education. Its history spans nearly two centuries. It originates from the merger of two distinct strands of educational provision in Gloucestershire being that provided by Local Government and that founded by the Anglican Church.

App development

We worked with the University of Gloucestershire to develop an engaging Mobile Augmented Reality App to allow students to take a virtual tour of the various University campus buildings. Past students spring to life from the printed-pages, appearing as animated avatars to enthuse about their time at the Uni, along with video-footage of the campus and classrooms. A 3D carousel of works of art, hovering over the Prospectus, illustrates the creativity of the University’s students! It's pretty cool, even if we do say so ourselves! This is an on-going project, with the University requesting theme changes and content upload alterations to match their latest careers fairs or Prospectus.