About Strickland Tracks

Since it’s establishment in 1945, Strickland Tracks has rapidly expanded into a global leader in tracked undercarriages, prompting the need for a fresh marketing strategy. Originally founded for the repair and service of agricultural machinery, the organisation has since developed into a 20-acre industrial site, with purpose-built factory for the manufacture of a huge range of crawler and undercarriage systems, used all over the world.

Website design

Strickland approached Areca Design to create a website and brand which demonstrates the capabilities of their company and allows purchasing of new products and spare parts using a novel spare parts finder. 
The new website design, surpassed customer expectations with a consistent brand message, purchasing efficiency and realm of specific, detailed product information.
During the initial brief, Strickland Tracks suggested that they knew all of their marketplace and already serviced around 80%, with the other 20% being targeted by their sales team. Four weeks after launch, 18 unknown companies made contact via the website enquiry form.

Areca Design has now developed a Strickland Tracks website for the China market, their sister business Strickland MFG UK was very impressed by the new Tracks website and commissioned one for themselves – this led to the CEO of the group, based in the USA, to request a new Group website and also a USA website.

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Graphic design

The unified branding structure developed by Areca Design aims to better address the needs of Stricklands target market and uplift the brand positioning for both customers and colleagues.  As well as the new brand identity Areca Design has also factory signage, brochures and technical spec documentation.