About Avon Meadows

Avon Meadows Community Wetlands and Local Nature Reserve is often simply known as Pershore Wetlands. After the devastating floods in 2007, The community wetland was created to help reduce the impact of any future floods that come from too much surface water. The project to create the wetlands was developed jointly by Pershore Town Council, Wychavon District Council and Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. 

App development

Avon Meadows is an area of water meadow near Pershore, the Council has created two lakes and a wooden boardwalk around and over the marsh areas for people to visit and admire the wildlife. Areca Design was tasked to bring the Water Meadows to life digitally. An artist was commissioned to create a map of the area with all of the creatures you would expect to find illustrated on the map. This map is on leaflets and interpretation signage at the entrances to the Meadow.

With the App ‘Avon Meadows’ loaded on to your smart-phone or tablet, you simply scan this map and all of the creatures come to life and start walking, hopping and flying around the screen – the viewer can tap onto a creature and see a short description and photograph. Have a go yourself, or click this link to see an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiqxBjoH3tI&feature=youtube

When you are on site, The Avon Meadows app also includes an in-situ view of all of the meadow flowers in bloom, overlaying the real scene, so viewers can witness full-bloom at any time of year.

Next stages include a timeline to show creatures throughout the seasons, coming and going and also the different meadows throughout Worcestershire. Again, with a timeline slider to illustrate the decline in meadow habitats and what we can all do to help save them.

Liz Etheridge, Wychavon’s Wetlands for All Officer, said:

“The free to use Avon Meadows AR App will allow people to learn more about the Meadows in a fun and interactive way and is just another way for visitors to enjoy what the site has to offer, especially when some of the wildlife is harder to spot”.  People will also be able to see and share our vision of a flower- filled paradise which is as great for wildlife as it is for people.”